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Hello! I am trying to print out an Excel table by merging the data in the cells into a a template (Avery 5428, if that's helpful) and then printing the filled-in template.  I have found tutorials where you choose the Excel cell data to go in each template cell - creating address labels and so forth - but what I am trying to do is far simpler; for a 20-cell template (5 across, 4 down), I just want the Excel cell A1 to go in the top left, cell A2 to go in the next template cell to the right, and so on. (I will be doing this a number of times.) An exact reproduction of the table, in other words, not a combination of different cells' data.


It seems like this should be a simple procedure, but I'm not finding any help on the web.  Anyone know how to do this?  Thanks!

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Whoops sorry - I should have said 'cell B1 to go in the next template cell to the right.'

@John_B42 The first row of your data source must be used for the field names.  To achieve the output use describe, all of the data should be in column A, starting with cell A2, and in the first cell of the table in the Word document, you should insert the mergefield form cell A1 of the data source and then use the Update Labels button in the Write & Insert Fields section of the Mailings tab of the ribbon to replicate that set up to the other cells in the table.