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Good afternoon, 


I have been experiencing this issue for several months now and was referred to this website by the Microsoft Technical Support team, which I learned, does not handle issues like this. 


When I create a list, either numbered or bulleted from existing text, the feature does not number all of the text, but is rather "selective."  For example, if I wanted to number the following:






I would highlight all three and select any list feature (number, bullet, etc.).  My problem is that it comes out looking like this:


   1. Mallard 


   2. Woodie


It has skipped over several items in my list(s) for months now.  And even worse, if I backspace "Pintail" to the "Mallard" line, it clears the numbering format on both and ends up looking like this:




   3. Woodie


I am at a loss and cannot figure it out. I have tried everything from individually highlighting each line and selecting "continue numbering"  to resetting the formatting on the entire document.  No luck.  


Any help would be appreciated.  I apologize if this is too long or if the question formatting is not right (go figure).  It is my first inquiry.  







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This would happen with line breaks rather than paragraph breaks. Bullets and numbering are features of paragraphs, not lines.
Enter creates a new paragraph.

Shift+Enter creates a new line within the same paragraph.

If this is pasted text, the line breaks may have been in the original text. You can see the difference on your screen if you turn on display of non-printing formatting marks. Ctrl+Shift+8 (Ctrl+*)





Good morning,

I appreciate your response, however, I do not believe that line breaks are the issue. Within my list, every item follows a paragraph break. I read through all of your references. No luck so far.



Does this involve pasted text?


Can you save a sample document with the problem on DropBox or OneDrive and post a view or share link here?

Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it.

That way I or someone else can look "under the hood" at the document structure and perhaps figure it out.

Mr. Kenyon, I am going to have to put this one on the back burner and post a sample of the document when it is having the same issue again. Of course, I opened the document this morning and it is creating lists normally.

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