Huge Gaps between pages in Multiple Page View

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Hi all,


On Reddit there is a relevant discussion going on where a quiet unnecessary solution is proposed to an even more unnecessary problem: when viewing multiple pages at once there is a huge gap in between. When I zoom in to more than 107% (in my set-up 2k display, 100% zoom) it aligns all pages underneath each other (one page below the other), instead of displaying it as I want it to 2-2.

Zoom 107%


Zoom 108%


All of the above happens to me in a document that someone else has shared with me to review.

When I create my own document I do not have this issue: I can zoom to at least 128% (even further) before the pages are rearranged. 


Does anybody know if I and all other people on Reddit are missing a setting by which we can simply prevent this from happening?


Thank you!

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My guess is that this has to do with the viewing of comments and/or tracked changes. If the view is for Final view without markup the extra space is likely not there. The presence/absence of comments or tracked changes is up to the author/editor of the document. The view of these is set by the individual user and is not part of the document. The following from my website may help.

Even one comment or tracked change in a document can trigger the extra space, even if not on the pages shown on the screen.


If you need a definitive answer, attach two sample documents, one that causes the extra space, and one that does not.