How Do I Unlock a File for Editing?

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I just purchased Microsoft Word.  Before I get into the steps I have taken so far, I will cut the the proverbial chase.  The first file I have opened in the newly purchased Microsoft Word is locked and I can not edit it.


I had created the file with Open Office.  Could that be the issue shomehow?

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I have discovered that, although I purchased this copy of Microsoft Word, I did not somehow properly go through the activation steps. I am thinking that this might be the cause of not being able to use all the features and having files, that I know are in write mode and not protected, being able to be saved.

I have successfully now gone through the steps of activating my Microsoft Word app. I think I will post here the steps I went through because I had some stumbling blocks to work over and it might help someone and give me good karma.

Next I am going to see if this has fixed the issue I have.