Fixing Word AutoCorrect

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I would like to see the following improvements to be made to Word’s AutoCorrect.


  • Backup and Export/Import features, every time office updates to a newer version either normal.dotm or ACL files seem to be corrupted or overwritten.

Manual backup doesnt always work or seems to be complicated for most users, 3rd party apps are not properly maintained and either break Word or the AutoCorrect backup every few version.


  • Cloud syncing, Why is this not a thing yet, AutoCorrect entries should sync across user devices.
  • Better AutoCorrect Manager, The current manager is limited, editing formatted text is a devious.

I would really appreciate if MS would improve AutoCorrect to be more of this time and much more user-friendly and safer to use. Currently we are preventing Office updates al together and this is not a proper solution.

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Rather than posting here you should use the "Feedback" process created by MS. It is intended explicitly to handle "suggestions" like this one and "bug reports" when you find something not working as expected. 


Send Feedback to MS Developers
Launch Feedback Hub via  <WIN><F>


“Official” MS does not pay much attention to this forum. However, you now can send your complaints and feature requests directly to MS developers and managers using one of the 4 possible “Feedback” mechanisms described in this link:


Please post a share link to your feedback, back here, so other people who find your question will be able to vote for it and add their comments to it.


Collection of MS “UserVoice” web links:


MS Feedback article, says basically the same thing: