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I have checked pdf plagiarism using turnitin but the result is only 1%. However, when I re-converted the word file to pdf, the turnitin result changed to 14%. Is there an error when converting word to pdf which causes Turnitin to be unable to detect plagiarism correctly?

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@Tri_Ms1980 Maybe the first check of the pdf triggered the subsequent check of the Word document.  Try testing both documents in the reverse order with another plagiarism checker.


The results of plagiarism checkers can be wildly different.


At a school with which I have an association, the masters were asked to score the result of an essay created by Chat GPT, with the consensus being that it would be worth around 9.5 out of 10.  While that indicates a problem with dealing with AI, then the essay was processed by a couple of plagiarism checkers, one returned a score of 20% and another a score of 70%!


well thanks for your advice. I have compared both of files, the result of checking the word file is 18%.

I have separated the pdf into several parts, and I found certain parts that cannot be checked by turnitin, the result is 5%, while the other parts are normal, the result is 15%.

I think there is an error in the process of converting word to pdf. Is it right and has it ever happened?

@Tri_Ms1980 While I am not sure what you mean by "errors", I believe that a pdr created from a Word document will be an exact replica of that document.  

You might see if you get any variation in the result if you use other methods of converting the Word document to pdf such as by the use of the Microsoft PDF Printer or other third part pdf printers, such as PrimoPDF, Bullzip, etc.