custom addin missing in Word template that uses macros

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I have many templates created in Word that utilize Macros in VBA code.  It is a quesitonnaire that when you check the boxes, a special Add-in toolbar has a button that will calculate the scores, based on the checkboxes chosen.   It has many, many lines of codes.  We have different templates for different customers.  In the last 6 months, more and more of our team can no longer view the special add-in toolbar. We have done many things, enabled macros, checked security settings, looked to see if addin disabled, unblocked, etc. etc.   Spent hours trying to resolve.  Some have no problems, others do.  I need to find support to assist.  These templates are the foundation of our business.  I know it's some form of security setting(s).  We email the templates to our team members to use.  

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@Lisa Richards 


How are the templates distributed in your organization, exactly? 


Templates that should be available to all documents in a Word installation would have to be in Word's Startup folder (for each user).