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So as I'm sure 99.99999% of you have experienced this at some point or another, there must be an easier way to write key requirements in a cover letter. So here is mine at the bottom of this message. 

Is there a way to automate this a bit better? Here is my vision.

1. I put in all the required information from Hiring Manager to Re: Insert Position Name and it autopopulates the rest of the document. 

2. Because most of the positions I apply for seem to have pretty consistent requirements "Excel knowledge", "Degree" "1-5 years of experience" etc etc etc. When I input the "Insert Key Responsibilities" there usually are up to 5 that I will choose from. I have a pretty consistent phrasing that I want pre-written and the document to trigger when I say "Advanced Excel Knowledge" it will say 10 years of excel blah blah blah. Or is there a program that can automatically do this for me?

Any help would be great!


And before you say "companies still require cover letters?" Yes apparently many do and they're useless.


Hiring Manager

Company Name

City State

Posting ID#:


Re: Insert Position Name*


I am an achievement-oriented professional with extensive experience in financial operations, modeling & forecasting, data analytics, and executive leadership. I recently learned about this vacancy within your organization and wanted to inquire about the possibility of joining your team. With a proven track record of managing complex projects and leading high-performing teams, along with a list of highly specialized skills, I believe that I would make an excellent fit. I would like to officially apply for the Insert Position Name position with the Insert Company Name.


In my current position as A KNOW IT ALL with Company ZXY, I lead an 11-member team overseeing high-volume accounting operations focused on budget administration, AP/AR, and financial management needs. In this role, I own the financial forecast and model responsible for building the company’s internal infrastructure. I support leadership in fundraising ventures by creating data for products to bring the CEO’s vision to fruition. I also act as Chief Executive Know it all improving the company’s infrastructure through build out of new pricing & revenue models. In addition, I develop and manage HR processes, including building policies, talent acquisition, staff onboarding, and benefits administration. Prior to this position, I served as Senior Financial Analyst with International XYZ and Funds XYZ.


At this point in my career, I am eager to locate a new challenging position where I can continue to offer my leadership skills and provide a positive impact. I understand that the Insert Position Name will Insert Key Responsibility. Regarding the position’s requirements, I have:


  • Key Requirement #1
  • Key Requirement #2
  • Key Requirement #3
  • Key Requirement #4
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First, you can make a template with the basic structure and info, and just fill in the specifics for each application. It'll save you some time and effort. Also, you can have a list of pre-written phrases for common requirements, so you can just plug them in when needed. Btw, don't forget about AI. I've just found these prompts, may it could be helpful for you Just a suggestion. Hope it's still helpful.