Columns in Footnotes

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I have a document full of footnotes and oftentimes the footnotes are lengthy and I would like to make the footnotes appear in columns. 

How do I access the column format settings for the footnotes?


Can't find any help online anywhere!!

Any ideas??



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@LeLIC2490 Access the Footnote and Endnote dialog via the dialog launcher indicated in yellow in the following screen shot and from the columns dropdown in the Footnote layout section of the dialog, select the required number of columns



@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP  Thank you so much,

so simple yet so evasive.

Once I made them into multiple columns I noticed the the numbers start from the left column to  the right. Is there any way to switch that around and the numbers should start from the right column (for Hebrew or Arabic texts)


Thanks for the help

@LeLIC2490 While the Footnote Text Style can be formatted so that it runs Right to Left,


I to not know of any way to modify the order of the columns and all that I can suggest is that you used the Feedback facility on the Help tab of the ribbon to make a suggestion for the addition of that ability to the Word application.



Fantastic thank you