WVD Classic Cleanup

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I played with WVD Classic previously, and now use WVD ARM. I thought I cleaned up all the classic bits, but one is still showing it's face when we plug in the feed into the Remote Desktop app, as it still shows up as a workspace with a single app (the original full desktop app that is created by default).


I can't find it within Azure Resource Groups either, and since it's a Classic one it doesn't show up in the WVD arm blades.


Any idea how to get rid of this workspace from Classic? I've poked around using get-rds* type commands which I believe is how you interface with Classic, and haven't found anything.

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Hi @Brian Martin , sounds like you are on the right track with get-rds* I would expect you should see something with Get-RdsAppGroup. Are you authenticating to the rd broker before running the command?



I open up my session with "Add-RdsAccount -DeploymentUrl "https://rdbroker.wvd.microsoft.com"" if that's what you mean.


Get-Rdshostpool comes back empty/no-results. Getting hostpool and/or appgroups all require specifying a hostpool to complete the command, which there is no Hostpool. There IS a tenant group though, but no Tenant per the relevant powershell queries. It's like that workspace/remoteapp is orphaned. 


I'm stumped.

Hi @Brian Martin,
Sorry for the delay in replying.

Maybe you have more than one. Try using the Get-RdsTenant - name with a ForEach-Object and the same for Get-RdsHostPool and Get-RdsAppGroup to see if you find it.

Once found you can use Remove-Rds* to detete.
It isn't there. I opened a case with MS and they also were stumped and digging behind the scenes now and will get back to me.