Connecting to the broker over "private links" (WVD Network Reference architecture)

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Reading this network architecture for WVD document on github I am wondering if the author made a mistake. 

"WVD URLs – If private link is not used for the broker service or for all other WVD URLs these can be specified with * in an NVA or using the App Service service tag built into Azure Firewall."

How do you establish a private link to the WVD broker??? Is there a step by step guide. I tried to create one using the standard private link portal. But got stuck on picking a resource.

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@dtg123 - this was in a preview state at the time this document was written however, since its completion we have found an issue with this and are working on resolving it.  This is probably the challenges you are currently facing.  We will make sure to notate that in the documentation at this point and make updates once these bugs are worked out and it is deployable. 

Thank you , good to know it is a known problem. I think it’s really important to provide private connectivity forweb / windows / Linux (thin client ) WVD clients.

@keyaertc None as of yet unfortunately but we do have some upcoming syncs with the PG teams so I will see if I can get an update on timelines.

@BryanAshley Interested in that update too if you've heard anything back Bryan!

@Steve Burkett 


Its been over 2 years already.  Any update on this?