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Hi, we are deploying waas from 1909 to 20h2 using sccm application. We have download source and distributed to DP. Do we need to exclude any endpoint url from proxy or firewall? Because it failing step2 installation.. and found some files try to download from internet and failing. So we need information about endpoint url
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Hello. A connection to the Internet is not explicitly required during any Windows feature update installation/upgrade.
Can you expand on exactly what "it failing step2 installation" means, please? Specifically, Step 2 of what? Also, what exactly is the failure?
Also, what does "using sccm application" mean?
Sorry for the 20 questions, but to properly provide assistance here, we need a lot more details on what you are experiencing and how you are getting there.
Off course I will share all the answer with logs..
If Dynamic Update is enabled, then we do try to acquire additional content from Microsoft during the feature update. Please see these posts for what is acquired with Dynamic Update and how to handle these when you want to avoid the internet connectivity at the time.