Update Win10 Ent to newest Version with Software Distribution Software (HEAT DSM)


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we are not using SCCM and do not want to use WSUS for updating Win10 to the newest version.
Is there a simple exe file that can perform the feature update quiet/passive or do we have to use the ISO file from VLSC?

I could not find the right search words to get an answer to this ;)


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The best way to do it if you don't want to use WSUS or ConfigMgr is either to use Windows Update as usual (without any settings) or use either GPO or Intune (or any other MDM) to configure Windows Servicing settings (Windows Update for Business in the GPO-case). The new versions will be available to you as soon as Microsoft considers your hardware/software to be supported by the latest build (which could be a few months after the initial release).

If you want to update now, use this link:

I hope that answers your questions, if you would like any additional info, please let me know.