RDP Licensing in Server 2019

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Good morning Everyone, I had posted this message the other day but I can not find it now so I hope it's not a duplicate!


How do I license RDP for Windows 2019?  I've stood up 2 Windows 2019 Insider servers, one for an RDP license server and the other for a development server.  My developers need Windows Services for Linux and the likes so moving to 2019 was the only way I found to get there with a GUI.


I'm trying to activate licenses and the license server, when set to automatic, returns an error and says chose another method of activation.  Trying to use activate.microsoft.com doesn't work and neither does telephone activation.


Are there any facilities in place for activating RDP licenses yet?  If so, how to I get there from here?  If not, I can run RDP in eval mode for the 120 days but then, are activation facilities expected to be in place before the evaluation ends?





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