Server 2019 Preview 17623: DNS & WDS service issues

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I ran some new domain making/configuring PS scripts on this preview. These are well-tested/used on Server 2016 and exercise quite a lot of different areas. I hit two obstacles:


  1. DNS Service. Doesn't talk to anything (DNS MMC & PS cmdlets just hang, Netlogon logs error events for DNS RR registration failures.) unless you have IPv6 ticked in the NIC properties.
  2. WDS Service. Installed OK. After a wdsutil command to authorise it, I then restart the service and it got stuck Starting. The service was Started after a full server restart, but the WDS MMC hangs trying to talk to it.

May yet be issues when I get around to using some of what's been configured, but they're the only things that upset a couple of thousand(!) lines of PS configuration.


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Same EXACT WDS problem with build 17639...


I really ned to PXE boot ARM64 (new windows "allways-on" PCs !), and I cannot do this in server 2016...So I need this preview build to WORK !

Works perfectly now in Build 17713 ! :)