How to give feedback without a non-server Windows?

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The only computers running Windows that I manage or own only have server editions on them. I've come across many, many bugs, crashes and other annoyances in the betas and release candidates, and I'd really love to report them properly, but the Feedback Hub seems to simply not exist nor function on Windows Server 2019.

Is this really the case, or should I simply post it all here and trust that it's taken "as seriously"?

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Unfortunately you are correct, Feedback Hub is not available on Windows Server.  To submit through Feedback Hub it needs to be on a Windows client machine, I apologize for the inconvenience.  This forum is for issues and feedback of the future development of Windows Server with the builds being posted to the Windows Server Insiders.  There are other forums for released products (for example WS2019), and this forum is focused on vNext.  If you are encountering crashes and such with shipped product, opening a case with Microsoft CSS support is the best resource.  They can analyze dumps and help drive resolution to any issues you are encountering.  Also any support incidents related to bugs in the product are free of charge.



Hi @Elden Christensen another problem implies. In the feedback hub I have been asked by a MSFT employee assigned to my Server issue report to capture the issue. I have uploaded all things manually.

I hoped they know there is now feedback hub to reproduce anything.





this is quite irritating, I hope this issue will be catched I have done everything I can on my end. Agree there are some issues in vNext we should fix. Clock is ticking till end of 2021. 

I understand there won't be Devs that ask for remote sessions but more and more I think that leaving the store out of Server is a backlash (snip and sketch missing, modern calc, winget)

I understand Server is not intended for RDSH anymore but on the flipside no one declares RDSH deprecated.


Sorry for the delay in response (my anxiety couldn't deal with this issue so I left it lying for some time).

By "Windows Server 2019" I did (unfortunately not obviously, it seems) the previews builds here (as WS19 is how the builds presented themselves in winver). So, now that we're on the same page in that I am definitely only interested in giving feedback about non-publicly-shiped, preview builds as presented here: how can I send my feedback to the appropriate parties?
Sorry ping this again, but can I get some sort of closure for after I explained the potential misunderstanding?

Question: If I'm only running Window Server machines (so no regular 10) AND I am indeed wanting to give feedback only for non-shipped previews we all test here, I am not allowed/given a platform to do so?
Unfortunately, Windows Server does not natively support Feedback Hub. You are welcome to provide feedback right here in this forum.
Thank you for the clarification! Having to use this forum does raise the bar quite a bit (since there is no given QA structure), but I'll look into it.