Windows Server Storage Migration Service Error 5 - Access Denied

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I would like to use the Storage Migration Service in Windows Server for migrating my data and shares. I am using Windows Server 2022 (updated) as my source and destination servers, and have fulfilled all prerequisites (i.e. the migration user account is a member of local Administrator group on all servers including the orchestrator server).


I am experiencing the exact issue described here i.e I get Access Denied - Error 5 when copying folders/files where standard permissions are missing).


According to article, "This issue is caused by a code defect in the Storage Migration Service where the backup privilege wasn't being invoked."


As a solution, linked article suggest installing a patch (Windows Update April 2, 2019—KB4490481 (OS Build 17763.404) that is not applicable to Windows Server 2022 and I have already confirmed that the migration user is a member of Admins group on all servers.


Is there a workaround solution, or is the SMS service still broken where it does not copy using "backup" privilege (equivalent of /b in robocopy) meaning that using the SMS service for migration of folders/files with non-standard permissions is unusable at the moment.


I'm using the Storage Migration Service extension version 2.4.3



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SMS service is unable to copy folders/files that are missing migration account (the account that is defined in SMS) permissions on Windows Server 2022. The process fails with Error 5: Access Denied. I've tried the Domain Admins member account.

Robocopy copies all files without any issues (using /e /b /copyall /r:6 /w:5 /MT:64 /xd DfsrPrivate /tee commands)

I have no idea what might be wrong, as it was confirmed byt MS PM that the SMS service is using Backup API to copy the files. In any case, it's unusable in its current state.