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I'm using Windows Server 2019 to try to achieve DNS failover; I've already connected both DNS servers, but the failover didn't work when DNS 1 was stopped. 





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Are you asking about active directory integrated DNS? Generally speaking, you could just configure an alternate DNS server handed out via your DHCP server.



@Dave Patrick 

Hi Dave, Yes, Active Directory integrated; however, can this be accomplished solely through DNS? The servers are not acting as DHCP servers; we've been using Forti as a DHCP server.



Ok, well one way or another the clients need to have the address of an alternate domain controller listed for DNS on network connection properties. Either handed out via DHCP server (easiest) or via manual configuration.



We'll try this one. I hope this works. I will give you an update once this works out with our setup.

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@rtuesca just checking if there's any progress or updates? please don't forget to mark helpful replies.



@dave, hi we need to schedule the test

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