Windows Server 2016 S2D and Branch Cache

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I want to move my on-prem file server to Azure; while saying that this has some performance impact on my branch offices, so I want to handle that by using the Branch Cache feature.

I know that for Windows Server 2012 the Branch Cache feature is not supported for SoFS; so I decided to use CSV / default file shares (= hyperconverged) on my S2D nodes to publish the file shares which are configures in DFS to serve the files. Alternatively I can make use of a default cluster. 


Is Branch Cache supported in Windows Server 2016 S2D for that scenario? Can someone please provide a link to the yes/no answer, where I can see this is applicable for Windows Server 2016?


In case I plan to switch to using SoFS (not supported), what exactly is the component whcih makes that a non-supported configuration? I need to understand that a little more in depth so I can check the acceptance for the non-supportability. Same for the scenario mentioned above.


Many thanks in advance for your response.




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