Windows 2016 NSLOOKUP RETURN Error

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Hello when i lunch NSLOOKUP via CMD i got error below,However the DNS is correctly there any solution for this issue. the primary server DC is SRVDCLMV01




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That's expected when the current server is set to the loopback address (in this case, the IPv6 loopback of ::1.) It's not an error since the server cannot resolve ::1 via DNS itself.


After entering nslookup, if you then specify "server ::1", you'll see the server header change again to "[::1]" meaning it can't look it up.


If you run "server", you'll see the server header change once again to the pre-defined value of "localhost".


Here's an example of both of these scenarios from a Server 2016 host.



On Server 2022, the IPv6 loopback (::1) behaves the same way as the IPv4 loopback ( and displays "localhost".


In any case, as I say, it's not an error.