Snip & Sketch on Windows Server 2019

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Hi there

Has anyone heard of "Snip & Sketch" on Windows Server 2019? We use WinServer 2019 as VDI OS for our Citrix workers and have "Snipping Tool" installed, but it asks us to move to "Snip & Sketch" which unfortunately isn't available. Is there a hidden feature activation or manual setup opportunity to get this new snipping tool to work on Windows Server?

I'm happy for any advice.
Regards, Chris

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@Dave Patrick Yes, but I need to have it in WinServer. And (by now) WinServer isn't "desktop store ready"... ;)

Any news/updates on this from MS?

@Dave Patrick 

Thank you for the links. I voted for the second link, the first is my own... ;)  I made that a few days after my first post here... But nice to see, that it is found by others as well.