server2016 windows update fails

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this has been happening for almost 2 years

i have tried a lot of fixes, but nothing has worked

i cloned the original system disk to an SSD just over 2 years ago

i booted the original disk, did the updates successfully, but can't add client computers or do server backups

i really just want to try & fix my current disk

all help appreciated

i have a disk with a clean install and the 2 year old original

hopefully between these i can get updates working

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Some things to try

but a much simpler / safer method is to stand up a new one for replacement.          



i have been through all of that
i'm worried that i could buy new hardware and some corruption on my disk will prevent me from moving the roles over
i could temporarily dedicate an older desktop to a new install, but i eventually need it back on the exiting hardware

@Dave Patrick 

it might be easier to fix my older disk i.e. client connects & backup

attached is the output of sfc /scannow

Simplest / safest / quickest solution may be to stand up a new one for replacement.     





i agree, but i still want a kick at fixing my existing disk, just in case it is something simple
as i said, i have no guarantee that i can import my server to a new instance

Sounds good, if you need further assistance with that approach, you can start a case here with product support.     

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