Server 2019 RDS HTML5 Webclient with Azure Application Proxy - Web Socket Error

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Hi all,


I have a small Server 2019 RDS environment running on-prem consisting of three servers.

1 x RDS Gateway/Web Access/Broker

2 x RDS Session Hosts


I am using Azure Application Proxy to enable remote working. I have installed the new webclient (/rdweb/webclient/) and if I connect via the App proxy, the setup works perfectly for accessign remote apps and full desktop while making use of the RDP file option, however if I switch to the HTML5 browser option, connections fail and I receive a websocket error (pasted below)


Both RDP and HTML5 browser options work perfectly if I access /rdweb/webclient from an on-prem machine. Does anyone have any advice with regards RDS webclient via App Proxy?




websockettransport.cpp(304): OnErrorFromJS()
at Object.Logger.a.errorWithoutTimestamp (,at Function.<anonymous> (,at methodCaller_emscripten$$val_$emscripten$$val_emscripten$$val$ (eval at new_ (, <anonymous>:6:26),at __emval_call_method (,at S$a (,at Djd (,at invoke_viiiii (,at R$a (,at Bjd (,at invoke_viii (,at H0a (,at Rfb (,at zjd (,at invoke_vii (,at C1a (,at zjd (,at invoke_vii (,at D1a (,at Bjd (,at dynCall_viii_472 (eval at makeDynCaller (, <anonymous>:4:12),at OnMessageCallback$Invoke [as Invoke] (eval at new_ (, <anonymous>:9:1),at Worker.<anonymous> (
2020-12-20T15:06:53.340Z WebSocketTransport(NORM): WebSocket closed, url=wss://, wasClean=false, code=1006, reason=""
2020-12-20T15:06:53.516Z Connection(ERR): The connection generated an internal exception with disconnect code=ConnectionBroken(8), extended code=<null>, reason=WebSocket closed with code: 1006 reason:
Thrown in thread 399652 at:
Call Stack:
at imb
at fmb
at Tp
at Djd



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I have the same issue-- Can you tell me please if you were able to solve this issue?