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We have licenses for both office 2019 and office 365. We would like to install office in a way that users who don't have office 365 license can use 2019. I installed office 365 as a shared license but office keeps showing license issues. Is there a way to use both versions?



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@Dave Patrick Thank you for the reply.


I think that my question was not phrased correctly. Here is the status:

RDS 2019 server with office 365 shared license installed. If a user has a license to Microsoft 365 apps than the apps will open without a problem and the product will show as activated. However, if a user doesn't have a license to Microsoft 365 apps he will get an alert about office 365 not licensed. My question is: Since we also have a Office 2019 product key, is there a way to make both office 2019 and office 365 be installed on the RDS servers? This will allow all users to work with office whether they have the 365 license or not.


Hope this explains the question better.



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