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Hello all,


after finishing configuring a 2 nodes failover cluster, the disks are not comming up.

The disk is a SAN storage this which was added to the Esxi 6.5 additional storage.


see the error below:


No disks suitable for cluster disks were found. For diagnostic information about disks available to the cluster, use the Validate a Configuration Wizard to run Storage tests.


I will be greatful if someone could help with this.



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Hello @tonnybabs,


First of all, make sure that your SAN is supported by the operating system you are running, you can check this over here:

Are you running Fibre Channel or iSCSI?


What does the cluster validation wizard say when you run it?


If your SAN is supported:


  • Make sure the disks are presented and visible for all your cluster nodes, you should see the disks in the Disk Management.
  • Make sure the disks are initialized within the Disk Management.
  • Format the disks to NTFS within the Disk Management.


Fibre Channel (FC)
If you're using Fiber Channel storage array network (SAN), each host must have a host bus adapter (HBA) installed, and zoning must be correctly configured.



If you are using an iSCSI SAN, make sure that iSCSI portals have been added, and that the iSCSI initiator is logged into the array.

Make sure that the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service on each host is started and set to Automatic.



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