Windows 2019 Server crashes BugCheck 1E / fvevol

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We have a new Intel Server / Mainboard S2600STB / two Broadcom 9640-8i Controller

BIOS_VERSION: SE5C620.86B.02.01.0008.031920191559/ BIOS_DATE: 03/19/2019

2 CPU / 128 GB RAM 

Windows 2019 

Windows 10 Kernel Version 17763 MP (40 procs) Free x64
Product: Server, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 17763.1.amd64fre.rs5_release.180914-1434

Server for NFS is installed.

The Data-Drives are Bitlocker encrypted.


We copy every evening a big amount of files (Backup)  from our Linux/Windows Servers with NFS/CIFS to the Data Drive. We get every day/night at least one ore more crashes (bluescreen) 

If we analyse the Dump we see that probably caused by : Unknown_Image ( fvevol!FveWriteUsingWorkerQueues+148 ) or fvevol.sys


Since we remove Bitlocker Drive encryption at all, the server runs stable and the write performance is also much better. 




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