Can't See msexchHideFromAddressLists

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I would like to request help regarding my Server 2016 AD. When I perform a departure procedure for an employee so one core task is to hide his/her ID in teams, office 365 and outlook etc. The users are created on AD and synced with O365 so I have to hide their IDs from local AD. When I try to find msexchHIDEFromAddressLists, so I can't see this attribute. I have checked all options in view menu checked for all filters as well. Any assistance in this will be highly appreciated.


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Well do you have the Exchange Schema extensions? You need it in order to manage this, and any other Exchange-related attributes.

@Vasil Michev 

I am not sure. How can I check Exchange Schema Extension?

And how can I add/Enable it if I don't have?