Web server and application server instances

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Good morning, I weren't sure where the right place was for this question, hopefully this is appropriate.


I have been trying to ascertain the difference between when a web project would involve an application server instead of a web server.  At first it seems straight forward, a web server deals with static content, anything dynamic would require an application server.  However, a web server can communicate with a database therefore rendering it capable of producing dynamic content surely?!


If this is the case, what would be an instance where someone would "cross over the line" from just requiring a web server to needing an application server?


I am having to explain this to apprentices tomorrow and therefore I would greatly appreciate a really basic explanation which would help me enable them to understand, they are digital marketing apprentices so not overly technical in background.  I am really keen to state real life website examples where an application server would now be required instead of a web server querying and showing results from a database.


Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide me with here.



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