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In recognition of Jeffery Snover's announcement that he’s leaving Microsoft I have decided to try and pull together some data and a video with clips from whoever in the tech community that wants to add their voice as to what PowerShell has meant to them over the years.


As such I have tweeted this thread which has a link to a form to add in some details about what PowerShell has meant for you, that includes the option for you to share a link to a video of 30-60 seconds of what PowerShell has meant to you, I also have in this form the option for people to just give a typed answer instead as I know not everyone will want to record themselves. This form also will collect some additional details around user groups and conferences as to help enable further community growth in the coming months and years and I will share the information gathered with User Group/Conference organisers if submitters allow me to do so.


My intention is that we can get the video ready and then release it on August 18th as a continual celebration of PowerShell going Open Source back in 2016. However I will need help with this as I am not the best at video editing.


Please Retweet that thread and send the form link to anyone that you may think would want to add their view to this video & share on other social media platforms like LinkedIn too.


Lastly I want to thank Jeffery for having the vision & determination to get PowerShell to be one of the most important tools in any administrator or developers tool kit, and getting so many incredible engineers & Project/Programme managers on the team over the years. So many hundreds of millions of hours have been saved just from the ability to make use of this incredible language, and one that with Steve Lee & the team leading it can only get better from here on in. I and many others definitely would not have had the same career opportunities if it hadn’t been for PowerShell and to which I am forever in your debt, which I hope with all the community work I do pays it forward to help not only current generations across tech but all future ones too.


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