How to Add / Remove user in existing BookInPolicy In O365 through PowerShell

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Hello ,


I have a Book In Policy for meeting rooms and i need to add and remove users to the existing policy. I have created the policy using the below command


Get-Mailbox BoardRoom | Set-CalendarProcessing -AllBookInPolicy:$false -AllRequestInPolicy:$false -BookInPolicy "Email address removed","Email address removed","Email address removed"


But when i am running the command to add/remove users it over write the existing policy. I tried the below and it did not work


Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Room9" -BookInPolicy "Email address removed", "Email address removed"


Any help would be appreciated.




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You're replacing it instead of adding it, this is a nice function to add users


function Add-CalendarResourceDelegate {
, $newDelegate
$resourceDelegates = (Get-CalendarProcessing -Identity $RoomName).ResourceDelegates
$resourceDelegates += $newDelegate
Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity $RoomName -ResourceDelegates $resourceDelegates

CMD syntax:

Add-CalendarResourceDelegate -Identity $Roomname "Email address removed" -newDelegate UserID9

To Remove All Users from ResourceDelegate:

Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Email address removed" -ResourceDelegates $null

@Harm_Veenstra . Thanks for your response. 


I will surely going to try this .

Did this work for you?

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