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I have a problem with configuring the default meeting template for every user in the company without their interactions.
We have a public folder, I published there a template and I can use it as well as users inside the public folder, if they go to Outlook - Calendar - right click on calendar - properties - in the filed "When posting to this folder use..." - and choose a form from "Organizational forms library".

The goal is to set the template up as a default automatically for every user in the company.

I know there is probably a way to do that via EMS or Powershell script, but as far as I search in the Internet, there is only Add-ins solutions for that, we want to avoid any add-ins for that.
Also, every related articles are more about how to set default meeting template up for the user from the Outlook, but not for the users from Admin perspective.
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How can we do that ?

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Hi @Oleksiy_Kotikov ,


I'm just fast brainstorming, so please don't judge, if I just wrote bs. ;)


You can try to set up a fileshare where you put this .oft file and copy the content into your Outlook directory to automatically use the file in your outlook via a Group Policy. I've never tested it with meeting templates, but I would give it a shot.


Futhermore, I was wondering, why this need's exacly to be used in powershell?

What advantage are you looking for in this PS script? How should the script behave etc.?


Maybe you are interested in another .oft & meeting template article :) :

Create Outlook meeting template - 4 quick ways (


Thanks in advance,


Hi @Schnittlauch ,

no jugdements here, we are all learning :)

I would love to do this via GPO, but  I don't know which key I should use, do you know the name of the key ?
Powershell is just another idea, also as a brainstorming :) So, if we could make it without PS, it would be even better.

Thank you for sharing with me the Create Outlook meeting template - 4 quick ways (
I can totally understand all of those methods how to share the template, but the problem is that I can't "force" people in my organization one-by-one to use that. I want to set up it for them.

@Oleksiy_Kotikov Were you able to figure out a solution. I need to do the same in my organization. I want to force users to use a meeting template whenever they want to create a meeting request.

Hi @Sesha_Chinta, Unfortunately, not yet.

and you ?