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I found in our Academic O365 146 Students that got by mistake license for all the apps in O365.

I need to change these users to another plan of apps.

Can I run it with PowerShell and CSV files?

All apps licenseAll apps licenseOnly office appsOnly office apps

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Easy way to automate Azure AD Dynamic group which will update the users with the specified license for a set of users with a defined query from On-Prem AD with certain attributes.
Hi Seshadrr,
I found the license group that I need.
But how I configure the apps for the specific license?

1) Create a security dynamic group under Azure Active Directory -> Grou

2) New Group -> Name the group and select "dynamic user"



3) Select the dynamic query and define the query (For eg: Extendedattribute1 and name the value to query




 4) Once the dynamic group has created in Azure AD, then navigate to group -> License 

5) Click on Assignment 

6) Select your license eg: O365 education plan and select the sub-license whichever users need to update as dynamic propagation




7) Finish the license assignment.

8) log in to AD On-Prem domain controller and set the “extensionAttribute1” for the users who need the above license with a defined query name as stated above





9) Wait for some time to AD to O365 sync process

10) Enjoy automating the licensing


Check for license problems and resolve them

  1. Go to Azure Active Directory > Groups, and find the group that licenses were assigned to.
  2. On the group page, select Licenses. The notification on top of the page shows that there are 10 users that licenses couldn't be assigned to. Open it to see a list of all users in a licensing error state for this group.
  3. The Failed assignments column tells us that both product licenses couldn't be assigned to the users. The Top reason for failure column contains the cause of the failure. In this case, it's Conflicting service plans.


I will try in the morning.
If I changing the license and apps, and then assign all students users it will change to them the apps?
Whatever the license assignment selected through the dynamic filter group, those will get processed.