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Will companies with third party MDM solutions as Airwatch, Mobile Iron or Xenmobile be able to use Modern Management and Autopilot? Is this solution exclusive to Intune?

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Hi Sergio,

   Other 3rd party MDMs will also be able to use Modern management & autopilot and anything we build into the MDM platform. In addition to designing this as a platform, my team (Windows 10 MDM) also works very closely with these ISVs to make sure our customers can have Day0 support for most features. One thing to mention though - for automatic enroll into MDM and autopilot, you do need an AAD premium license.



Is the usability of third party MDM solutions available now? 

As I understand it whatever AzureAD supports as an MDM is supported as part of the Autopilot process.  It is not Autopilot that chooses  the MDM, this is handed off to AzureAD Join process.

Good afternoon. 

I just came across this discussion and its great to see this is able to work with 3rd party MDMs. Is there any guidance or documentation yet on how to make it work with other MDM providers? Also, besides Azure AD premium, what other licensing is required to make this happen?


Thanks so much!

@Nathan O'Sullivan 


Which one do you prefer?

We are using Airwatch now for our IOS platform of iPads and iPhones

But we are signing up a Enterprise agreement with Microsoft next month and then autopilot and intune are available for us too.