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Is the intent of WICD tool to replace MDT or to do you see both serving a purpose?

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Windows Configuration Designer and Windows AutoPilot are designed for new devices - it's much more efficient to transform new devices into ready-to-use org PCs instead of reimaging them (taking a machine with a perfectly good, optimized OS install and wiping it). MDT focuses on traditional deployment techniques. Orgs can continue to use these tools, we won't take them away, but we do see the longer term future being Windows AutoPilot-based scenarios.

So if you use it for deploying new devices, and after 1-2 years you want to do a 'clean' install, will we then have to fall back to using MDT or will Autopilot have methods for this?

If you wanted to do a clean install, you would run a reset on the system. Remember you are just transforming the initial OS, you aren't doing a Wipe and Load. Then you could re-run your provision package on the system again.