Your windows 11 insider build ran into a problem and needs to restart, we'll restart for you.

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 I am facing green screen issue, and the device restarting again and again and showing this error after restarting, I cannot troubleshoot my device because I can't access my device. I have tried manually to restart but it didn't work, what should I do now ? 

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So you see this problem whenever you start your PC, is that correct?
How this problem started?
Do you have Windows installation media?
Please response with above questions, so I could guide you.
In case, you could login to Windows, make sure report this issue using the Feedback Hub app.
Not exactly when I start the pc... sometimes it works for a few minutes

I'm not sure exactly how as I thought it was a minor issue the first few times

I don't have installation media
I'll report through the feedback hub

I went ahead to do a full reset.

It reset but says ran into problems trying to remove personal files.

I thought problem's been solved...

Now it's a blue screen


@Lalit3105 I have not encountered this problem before but maybe this can help you. However, I have to confirm if these few things is happening to your pc:
1. Does the 'laptop logo' show on boot?
2. Does the spinning thing show on boot?
3. What is your laptop? (acer? dell?)
If the logo AND the spinning thing show, you can hard shut down when the spinning shows
1. Once you see the spinning thing, press on your power button to hard shut down
2. On the pc again and do step one again
3. repeat a few times until you see the 'Automatic Repair' screen. or the diagnosing pc screen
4. After a while the 'automatic repair screen' should show
5. Then click on advanced > troubleshooting > system restore
And finally restore the system -- It should fix your issue! (post some pictures so i know what is goign on)