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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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Xbox app is missing a lot of features from Xbox console companion


Xbox console companion app which is being depreciated and retired, has still a lot of useful features such as clubs, screenshot uploads, friends activity, uploading your own custom photo as avatar, viewing captures etc etc
Xbox app has none of these, yet every time I open Xbox console companion app it says use Xbox app instead,

I'm worried that none of these features are going to be added to the new Xbox app. I highly depend on these features and they are important ones.

I'm on Windows insider beta ring


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@HotCakeX It's been 3 years, and Xbox Console Companion is finally truly being retired. Sadly, till this moment, the clubs, clips sharing, full-fledged community and bunch of other important features are still missing from the new app.

The new Xbox application is nothing much more than a game launcher. Without social feature, it would be less attractive to players as a game platform. More should be done to REALLY migrate the loved features from the old app.


Help page with announcement about EoL of Xbox Console Companion app, as of Jul. 29 2023. 


"Note On July 28, 2023, we announced that the Xbox Console Companion app on Windows would be deprecated on August 28, 2023. If you were impacted by this and are looking for ways to continue to engage with Xbox games, services, and communities on your Windows device, the Xbox app for Windows will keep you connected to all things Xbox and gaming on your Windows device."
Yeah, i heard Microsoft is working on a new web version that offers screenshots and videos to be viewed online just like Steam profiles, if that's true it'll be very good!
really miss those features