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Good morning my name is maikol, and I need your help.

The microsoft chat service suggested me to write here for my problem.

I basically walked out of the insider program a long time ago, but windows keeps saying in the queue to cancel)


CHAT MICROSOFT: (all the areas that we have checked on your computer system, currently your Windows is under adjust Windows Settings. Registry, Windows Info Settings and WinVer confirm this.  The only thing I can see not working now is to opt out of the Windows Insider Program from the website. I understand that you said that you had already done it before, but having seen the updates continuously offered, I can say that there is some configuration error going on with this Insider Preview.)





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Hi @Mandel82 

There is a basic rule of thumb, deregistering an account from the Insider program does not remove the already installed evaluation version!

What channel were you in?


I'm on beta channel now,

and i reinstalled the stable version of win11  day 04/10/2022, directly from windows (setup.exe)

I want leave the insider program, but i have already done it for several months .




If you made a clean installation of a stable version of Windows that completely removed the beta version - this should not be a message, so specify exactly what build you have?

I'm guessing you still have an insider version?

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

@A1 in the end, i had to do a clean install to fix.

I would have preferred to find other ways, but that's okay

thank you all

Even if you install windows with keep my data and delete apps and settings that option is more good for you. You won't lose any your data that way and still you get stable windows using windows iso file.