Windows Insider update stuck - how to skip proposed build

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Started to had an issue with update to Insider Build 26052 (sitting on 26040). The update was getting stuck after some next restart, hard reset was needed and roll back was happening every time.


Somehow managed to get into update option to 26058 but there is no difference - update freezes and hard reset + roll back is happening.


Would like to get into 26080 but whatever the update check is happening I am being offered 26058 as update to install.


Does anybody know the solution for "frozen updates"?

How can I force to skip update (26058) and get into latest one (26080) to try? Any tool? Stopping updates and turning on back or update check after unsuccessful installation does not work.


Thanks a lot in advance for your help.



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Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

You can download ISO - 26080 and perform the update in place, but double-check during the installation to leave personal files and settings, etc.

Flight Hub - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Download Windows Insider Preview ISO (

Thank you a lot for answering!

Unfortunately does not work :(

Made a bootable USB with latest Insider Build - when booted it does not offer to keep my files (no update option) but clean install proposed, running from Windows it brings windows logo and nothing more...

Any other possible ideas?


Have you decided to do a clean install of Windows using a USB stick that deletes everything and reinstalls Windows, but you got an error?

This is the guide to install the stable version of Windows:

Windows 11 Clean Installation (

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26085 (Canary and Dev Channels) | Windows Insider Blog



Another method to try is using Powershell to Install the Newest Updates. This sometimes works when you keep getting errors. Not a guaranteed solution but another possible way to Install the latest update. Refer to this link and read before Trying.




Thank you very (!) much for the hint. Unfortunately still does not work - despite update has identified version 26080 to be downloaded but download is stuck and not completing (do not know even on which stage).

Switched to Dev channel but download not progressing (0%)...



P.S. launching update from downloaded ISO - no success - after windows initial screen no progress to setup :(

Check for system errors or corrupt files. Here is how....

If that fails try doing a Windows Repair. Here is how....
I had the issue with rollback for more than 1 month, i found the issue, and the problems are the AMD GPU drivers, make sure to remove them before performing the update, the issue should be fixed