Windows 11 Enterprise (dev) - Handwrite Recognition Advance Settings

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Hello, sorry if my problem is not exactly an "tech" issue, but I was transfered to this place from support. I'm using a graphic pen all the day (is not a product from the surface collection), but is not a lowbudget chinese something, what could be "non-quality", but when I install Windows 11 and the Dev version, from the Windows 10, I can't find something so simple like "Shape Collector", knowing from the prevousion version and other advance settings. I can't even find place of the word-base of handwriting and how to transfer my own base.. For sure, maybe I missed something, but i'm frustrating of the last days, to improve this recognition. Before, when I was writing on W10 with manual configuration, it was amazing tool to replace keybord, but now.. it is.. I don't even know how to name it, because I have no words. Maybe someone know how to fix it? Without downgrading windows of course? Thank you.

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