Two small problems of dev25174

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Hello, I am using dev25174 (including many previous versions). I use vivetool to open the tab function of the file manager. However, a smaller toolbar is unexpectedly added at the bottom of the menu bar. There are "file", "Edit", "view" and "tools" in it. As I circled with red pen in the figure below. I find that many friends around me do not seem to have this toolbar, And sometimes there are bug in it. For example, when switching the night mode, the appearance is still in the daytime, which is very ugly. I hope there is some way to remove it



And I have another problem. When I transfer all the virtual memory to disk D in the setting, it is normally displayed in the setting. However, after I restart the machine countless times, there are still 6
GB of virtual memory is still on Disk C, and only 2GB is on disk D. It occupies a lot of space on my disk C, causing Disk C to turn red. This has not appeared in previous versions


(I don't use English, so the above contents are all translated by robots,and this is my first time to ask questions in the Microsoft technology community. If I have done anything wrong, please let me know. Thank you very much and wish you a good day)

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