Surface Laptop Studio 2 front facing camera not working after turning on Insiders

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I joined the Insider Program on my Windows 11 machine and the front facing camera stopped working in all apps (Microsoft Teams, Camera app etc.). Even in the Camera settings app. The light comes on. But in the apps I get a completely mid gray rendering.


I re-installed Windows 11 from latest ISO off USB stick deleting all data (Version 10.0.22631 Build 22631) and unfortunately the camera still isn't working.


I've tried:

- ensuring the camera privacy settings are on for apps

- disabling and reenabling in device manager

- disabling in the Surface Camera Front settings in Bluetooth & Devices

- uninstalling the drivers from device manager and restarting

- installing SurfaceLaptopStudio2_Win11_22621_23.114.41891.0 driver pack

- resetting the camera app


I don't see any camera privacy hardware button on key on keyboard.  Is there one I'm missing?

I've searched on these forums and watched various videos.

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Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Thanks for your thorough guide. I'm facing a similar issue since today, but I marked my account to leave the Insider program about a week ago. So I think insider program is only a coincidence and something changed in general.

Just in case I tried the same steps plus:
- reinstalling teams work and school (which was the first app that did not work as expected)

@Jeremy Thake I yesterday spend some time clicking through MS Troubleshooting. And they made the most absurd (but typical Microsoft) suggestion:

- "Shut down your laptop and disconnect it from Power Supply for 5 Minutes"


As this is quite difficult with an internal battery that you cannot remove I tried the following:

- in the evening shut down the Surface Studio 2 Pro

- Disconnect power supply.

- Go to bed and hope for the best

=> and voila: My camera is back on.


I have no idea how (or better why) the wiring between the power control chip and the camera should be interlinked in such a way but I'm more an software instead of a hardware guy.