Outlook 2016 Not Working


I am using Insider Preview (pre-release Build 16188) and Outlook 2016 will not work (this happened on two PCs). I have tried everything to rectify to no avail. Anyone else?

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Although I have no experience on Outlook 2016 so cannot help, maybe you should clarify what does it mean by "will not work" (say, will not start or some function is not functional, is there any error message displayed, etc.) in order to get people helping you.

To be clearer: it (Outlook 2016) launches and connests with Exchange (online) but nothing populates (Inbox, folders, etc.) When you then try to navigate anywhere it just hangs (not-responding). I have tired everything including uninstalling Office and re-installing. Delete email profile and deleting .pst files to no avail. 

I had tried averything to no avail. MS put out a new Win 10 pre-release and viola! Outlook now works... thanks for all of the input.