News and Interests shows only one column

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After updating Windows to the build 21318 News and Interests is showing only one column instead of two.

Did they change the layout or is it a bug?


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in the blog post they say:
"We are also testing different variations of this experience so some Insiders may see a different experience than others."

so i'd say it's not a bug.



hummm got it
Thank you very much for the explanation

You're welcome :)



well, now it returned to display two columns after I restarted the computer. Another thing that changed after restarting was Clipboard History, before it was showing the new layout in which it is possible to paste plain text, but now it is back to how it was in the previous version.
Okay, maybe they’re testing different layouts for the same user at different times or days.

Yeah these are changed on the fly. most of the time they are random among insiders but they are almost always depended on user's location too, which is just IP location on the Internet.

it has to do with text size.

under settings-accessibilty-change text size if i set it to 100% the news feed displays 2 columns, but as i set it to 125% or i strain my eyes at my laptop display resolution... the news feed turns into a single column...

In my oppinion what needs to be done is to have the window itself resizable so that if text size gets bigger so does the window.