Microsoft account corrupt. It has certificates attached that corrups any pc I log into.

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My Microsoft account I have had for 20 years is corrupt.  I spent months with technical support and the Microsoft store trying to fix my computer.  They told me it had a worm.  So I went a bought a new computer.  It was fine until I logged into my Microsoft account to get my email.  Then that computer became corrupt.  After much research I discovered that My account has certificates attached to it and a roaming profile that takes over any computer I access with my account and slowly completely takes over all of the files with corrupt ones.  It locks me out of all the files and eventually I can't run any programs.  Technical support doesn't know how or won't help me.  I have belonged to the insider program for years.  I am hoping someone can help me.   

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Your Microsoft account which is an online account hosted on the Microsoft servers, can't be corrupted.
it could be possible that you were using OneDrive to backup your files and your files were corrupted or infected by a malware, and so when you logged in with your brand new computer and started OneDrive sync, the infected files came back to your computer.

you also mentioned roaming profile. was your computer part of a domain network?