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Lenovo Yoga 700-11isk Core m3 6Y30 & Windows 11

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Ever since Windows 11 was announced I wanted to try it on my 2nd laptop that's pretty old. I bought the Lenovo Yoga 700-11isk in 2017 (a 11" 2 -in-1) and it was a display model at a Best Buy. Last night it updated to Windows 11 though from what I've been keeping up with the Core m3 6Y30 isn't being allowed to upgrade to Windows 11. Found here: Windows processor requirements Windows 11 supported Intel processors | Microsoft Docs The only m3 listed for the upgrade is m3 8100Y, which is much newer than the 6Y30. I'm thinking it's a little odd to say the least. Maybe a bug or something else. IDK. 


First impressions: 

I love the location of the start menu because it works much better for touch screens being in the middle. And when switching to tablet mode by folding it into just a screen works flawlessly and less disorienting. Also, I feel that Windows 11 has made the laptop much faster than Windows 10, which might be my imagination. :smile:

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I'm glad that Windows11 works well for you!
Insider program participants can install on their computers in the Dev channel. or Beta , however, the stable version of Windows11 unfortunately will not install on this computer - this has been confirmed by Microsoft:)


As far as I know, the subsystem will work in a stable only in the spring of 2022,
for Windows11, but for xbox I think it will be sooner.

will windows 11 operating system be integrated with xbox consoles in october 5 2021
As far as I understand it, Windows 11 shouldn't have installed at all on this device even though it's a dev/beta channel. That's what I was writing about. It's just weird because it shouldn't have installed at all. And I understand it was confirmed by Microsoft. I hope that I can be any clearer,. Regardless if it's a dev/beta version it shouldn't have installed without the ISO way.
when will this come to xbox consoles what month of 2021 without any official release date to run android apps on xbox one console with 8GB RAM
when will this come to xbox consoles what month of 2021 without any official release date to run android apps on xbox one console with 8GB RAM
Only the Microsoft team is competent to provide information.
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My 2-in-1 laptop (HP Pavilion X2 Detachable) also has the M3-6Y30 processor and I am also running Windows 11.  I remember seeing this processor on a Microsoft list that could run Windows 11.  It was probably on the Dev channel but I can't remember.  So far, it's running great on Windows 11 and still getting updates.