Install Error 0xc1900201

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Good morning all


I get this error 0xc1900201

After installation fail it says ...

"we could not update the system reserved partition"


I would appreciate any heap on this please :)



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Hello, suggest you try to check the following link to see whether it can resolve your issue.


Troubleshoot Windows 11 upgrade and Installation errors - Microsoft Community


Thank you

I found one way to solve the problem so I could install the update!

I deleted the FONT folder in the recovery partition 'Y' as this folder is more or less not needed.

This did free up enough space for me to install and complete the update.


Right now, I am thinking of how to increase the size of the EFI recovery partition but 50% (100 MG to 150 MB) without affecting its content.

Any comment or advice?

PS: Thank you for your effort to help :)



It depends on the structure of your partitions, you may use Disk Management, and see if you could expand it. If not, it is possible to use third-party application but you might lose your data.