Insider upgrade to 16257 green screens

Brian Wall
Occasional Contributor

I have been on Insider builds since the get go. The last few upgrades all fail with green screens. I am on 16232 as a clean install from the ISO. Trying to upgrade to 16257 still fails. I converted the ESD file in C:\windows\softwareupdates\downloads to an ISO using Uuptol0setup.exe OK and ran it from C: (maybe a mistake that!) but it only offered to do the upgrade retaining just my settings and apps. That is all my own software would be zapped. Not a happy bunny at that and MS seem to have given up on allowing software to be retained during upgrades  rather than updates.


Anyway I bit the bullet and went ahead and it failed with error at first boot phase on reboot ( C1900101 - 0x30017)


I'll try again running it from a USB bootable but wonder why MS still haven't sorted this upgrade problem which, judging from forums everywhere is now a major problem?

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