I've been switched Canary channel unknowingly..Any way of changing channel?

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Hi, I've recently been having multiple issues, Blue screens, Random crashes, Trouble posting etc. After having a mooch around my settings ive found out i have been put in the canary channel.


I have been in the insider program for years and have been mostly in the beta channel, Small stint in the dev channel which i didnt like so i went back to the beta channel.


I've looked how to get myself out of the canary channel but all im seeing is i have to do a fresh install, Which will lose my data. I know i can backup and get it mostly back to how it is now eventually but if i didnt choose to be in the canary channel i dont think i should have to go through all of that just to get back to the channel i was originally in..


I currently have an update pending for the canary channel and i really dont want to install it knowing the issues i've recently had


Is there anything anyone can suggest?


Thank you

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@Critch1982 pretty much same issue here.

Cant play Rainbow six Siege because of it now which is totaly not my fault either.

Its just annoying they didnt implement a feature yo switch back from it which is present for all other preview chanels. I hope they adress this and make it possible to downgrade from


I really thought i'd be able to play but one day just wasnt able to which is so frustrating. Also random blue and green screens that just randomly occur at any given time