I am not able to leave the windows insider program and go back to windows 10

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I am not happy with windows 11 insider program and want to switch back to windows 10 without losing all the data, i have tried doing it but despite my account is there in the program it is showing the particular account is not linked with windows insider program.windows 11.JPG

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Having this exact same issue.
Current build: Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000

I'd like to also include I've had this setting enabled for about a week or two now (see attached no. 1)

I've spoken with Microsoft support and they're pretty much clueless about this so I cannot recommend reaching out to them. The only solution they seem to provide is "reinstall your system with a fresh build of Windows 11". While that solution I'm sure does work, I'd rather not go through the hassle of re-installing everything anytime windows decides to not function correctly. 

On another side note, a lot of the literature on the actual insider's page within Windows seems to not even be updated with the current OS. If you have a look through some of the options you can clearly see "Windows 10" is mentioned throughout it, this makes me wonder if it was even updated for windows 11. (see attached no. 2)