Windows Server 2016 is extremely slow on VMWare 16, am I missing drivers?

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Hey guys,


I installed Windows Server 2016 on VMWare 16 on two separate computers, and they were both slow beyond belief.  I allocated 150 GB of hard drive, 8 GB DDR4 ram, and 8 cores (3.4 GHz) to the server, and it was unusable.  Even on the login page, it would take 10-15 seconds for what I type to show up.


I am wondering if I have to install specific drivers on VMWare 16 before I can use Windows Server 2016.

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I had the same thing in VMWare Workstation, but not in Server 2022.. Did you install the VMware tools and did you upgrade to the last version of Workstation? (There was an update just last week)

I have, yes.  The VM just seems so buggy and unusable.  The mouse clicks won't work, or the keyboard won't work, or the text takes 15 seconds to register.  Its all so strange.

I had exactly the same issue, eventually I removed the VM and installed a (newer OS) one and no issue anymore.. I think I installed 2019, so 2016/2019 have the same issue? Read this just now:
" gave "Virtualize IOMMU (IO memory management unit)" (Under Virtual Machine Settings -> Hardware -> Processors) a try with version 16.2.2. Performnace got better with this option checked"

Other people downgrade to version 16.1.2 and report that's a lot better
Did you manage to fix your issue?